About Us

Who we are - Obzine was originally set up in 1999 as a local music magazine. It lasted for around 25 issues, featuring some of the best local bands (as well as some national and international artists - an interview with Megadeth being a highlight!). Due to the amount of work for little returns, the zine was eventually put online, and sadly we discontinued it due to other committments in 2004. Obzine won an Indent award for best media published by a young person in 2001.

Mark Alston is the owner of Obzine, and has been in the Blue Mountains and Penrith music scene for over 10 years, both promoting and playing in bands. Over this time he has seen the local scene both thrive and lull, and believes Obzine has played a large part in the live music scene. Obzine has put on many all ages rock shows including 'Rodney' (rock at Blaxland Hall), 'Candlewax' (acoustic at Blaxland Hall), 'Big Day Art' (Acoustic series at Lewers Gallery), 'Zound' (rock/punk/metal at Warrimoo w/ Mt Riv Youth Centre), 'Skankheath' (punk show at Blackheath hall funded by BMCC), 'NVS' (punk at Penrith youth center) and has published its famous 'Little Black Book' band/venue guide for the Blue Mountains. Mark has also run 'zine workshops' in the past to help young people get started on their own media. Obzine has also put out CDs by local bands (that have aired on commercial radio) as well as local compilation CDs (community radio).

Obzine uses the help of friends and businesses where needed, including Dave (IT specialist, lighting & sound, promotion), Samantha (promotion & media), Roy (Audio, recording, construction) and many others.

See 'services' for our current list of services.
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